By raising a magic mirror to the world, Pacini unveils our perception as open and limitless and reestablishes by means of this uncertainty, a space for intimacy and discovery.

  • SC14

    Several Circles

    Several Circles Norway

  • for_alice1

    For Alice 2

    For Alice 2 Sandvika 1999

  • snow_white7

    Snow White

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1992 Kreditkassen lot at Majorstuen Oslo Ca, 2400mm x 450mm x 7 Collaboration with Mette L’orange This project was a comment on a public-private space in Oslo, Norway. It was installed on a building site in the heart of a prime real estate area of Oslo. We installed 7 sculptures made of grass. Each one of the sculptures had the form of an individual blade of grass.

  • portal


    Portal 1991 UKS Christiania Torv Oslo, Norway 3200 x 4000 x 120 Collaboration with Mette L’orange This project was a Portal made of a wooden frame that was covered in grass. In between the “legs” of the portal, there was a water pool. In the pool was a pump that was on a timer and every 5 minutes it would go on, and a shower of water would come from the top of the midsection of the portal and down into the pool.

  • peace_183


    What-What 1996 Collaboration with Dirkjan van der Linde "What what" - Question mark 8 x 4 meter – grass, steel and wood "What what" - Peace sign 7-meter diameter - Grass, steel and wood The symbols were raised above the ground approximately 1 meter giving the appearance of floating. They were placed on either side of a bridge. Visible from the bridge as well as from the surrounding pedestrian paths on ground level.

  • green_man

    Walking Man

    Green Man 1993 Gallery Quartair The Hague, Netherlands 5 m. green traffic signal man, made of grass, who was standing in the water of the canal at the Toussaintkade - as if walking into the direction of the gallery, were the rest of the exhibition took place. At the entrance door of the gallery there was a traffic light (on loan from the traffic department) and in the gallery space there was a 4 x 11 meter zebra crossing made of water crystals for the white stripes and oil and water for the black stripes. This was the first sculpture to ever be put in a canal in The Haag

  • mirrors2

    Mirrors and Labyrinth

    Mirrors and Labyrinth Trondheim Norway The exhibition’s concept is inspired by black and white mosaic floor and wall decorations in geometric and labyrinth patterns from the antique period. My investigation began with the mosaics from the hospital at Villa Hadrian. Reminiscent of op art, I found these mosaics could be a starting point for an investigation using materials other than tesserea, and exploring newer materials and techniques. I have been working with water pressure cutting, laser cutting and silkscreen. I have been using and mixing mirror, plexiglass, plastics and a newer mirror technology that is use mainly for lighting

  • lookinfglass_800

    Looking Glass

    Looking Glass 1996   Oslo Tourist center, now the Nobel peace center.  Letters cut out in mirror spelling the word looking glass, the old English word for mirror. They letters were also cut out in mirror image. The letters were mounted on a piece of glass that was 3500mm x 2200mm. Each letter had it’s mirror image mounted on the opposite side of the glass, so it could be read from both sides. 500 mm by ca. 300 mm.

  • reflections_original


    420 Reflections 2000 Mirrors were “clipped” to the patterned façade of The Norwegian State Artist exhibition building. The 420 mirrors used were 120 x 70 mm. This size was almost identical to the size of the bricks that make up the pattern. 1047 Reflections 2003 1937 mirrors clipped to the brick pattern of the façade of the "Folketeater" (peoples' theater) and Opera building (the old Opera building). The building is 50 meters high. Several Circles Mirrors were placed on the Norwegian government building where all the seats of the government are housed. There were 10 mirrors from 10 mm to 4200 mm x 250 mm.