Lisa Pacini’s works focus more directly on reflections. Not as unmediated forms of mimesis, but as pictures of crazed reproductions. In labyrinths, the surface of the picture is saturated with the labyrinthian challenge that our perception encounters when we are confronted with an object of art – not because the object is incomprehensible, but because it has been removed from the standardized, functional world where things are usually found. In Medusa, the objects depicted have been multiplied, as if to make a point of the many perspectives of the world that the object of art embraces. But Pacini does not only create a diversity of perspectives, but also – by breaking up the conventional utilitarian surface of everyday life – a picture of the curiosity with which we, as children, discovered the world. Gaston Bachelard writes in Poetics of space that a house cannot be described as an item or object for study. Rather, a house is a place where intimate places are woven into our view of the world: nooks and crannies are not meaningless places, but stages where our spiritual dramas are played out. By raising a magic mirror to the world, Pacini unveils our perception as open and limitless and reestablishes by means of this uncertainty, a space for intimacy and discovery.


LISA PACINI (b. 1956, USA)

Living and working in Oslo Norway

Melkeveien 63

0779 Oslo






Oslo National Academy of the Arts 1982-1983

S.U.N.Y. Purchase N.Y. BFA 1980-1982

Museum school of Fine Arts 1977 -1978

Yale University summer 1976

Rhode Island school of Design, R.I. summer 1973


2015 Nordens Hus Traveling SUN Reykjavik Island

2015 Artic Circle Assembly

2015 Oslo Lux

2015 Factory light festival Slemmestad

2015 Kunst rett vest

2014-15 Henie Onstad Museum Traveling SUN

2014 The first supper symposium/ Oslo

2014 Travelling SUN Marres House for Contemporary art. Maastricht Nederland

2013-14 Travelling SUN to Rjukan

2014 The First Supper Symposium, Oslo

2013 The First Supper Symposium, Oslo

2012 – 2013 Open Space Group, Tromsø Kunstforening,Norway

2012 Burning man, Oslo Art Hall, Oslo

2012 Open Space Group, North trønderlag Museum, Norway

2011 Open Space Group, Zoellner arts center, PA, USA

2010 New Nordic Art Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden

2006-1995 Østlandsutstillingen, Norway

2002 Windows, Main Police station, Oslo

2001 For Alice 2, Invited by the National fall exhibition Oslo committee

1999 You are never alone, International cultural Museum, Oslo

1996-97 Forventning, Oslo and Bærum

1995 Public reflections, Majorstuen, Oslo

1994 Project:5 – Kunstlern aus skandinavien und Mecklenburg, DE

1993 UKS Spring exhibition, Oslo

1993 Pointed Arches Gallery Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands

1985 National fall exhibition, Oslo

1985 Beat Stamford Connecticut, USA

1982 Pool, Hennie Onstad Art Center, Norway


2014 – 2015 Traveling SUN, Henie Onstad Arts Center, Norway

2013 Travelling SUN, Rjukan, Norway

2013 Traveling SUN, UFS institute for culture, Bergen,Norway

2013 Travelling SUN, 100% Norway, London, England

2006 Mona-Lisa, Trøndelag Center For Contemporary Art

1996 Hanging Gardens, City Hall, Oslo

1993 Snow white and the seven dwarfs, Majorstuen

1991 Gønn Portal UKS, Christiania Torv, Oslo

1994 Rose Garden, Bethlehem PA, USA


2004 Several Circles, executive Government quarter, Oslo

2004 1939 Reflections, Former Opera, Oslo

2001 420 Reflections, Kunsternes Hus, Olso

1999 For Alice, Sandvika, Norway

1997 Looking Glass, City center, Oslo

1996 What What, Anker Bridge, Oslo

1994 Yellow men, Statens Vegmuseum, Lillehammer, Norway

1994 Yellow men, central square, Oslo


2013 Kongsberg Satellite Services AS, Norway

2011 LUAG Collection, Lehigh University Art Galleries PA, USA

2011 Oslo Liftutleie, Norway

2010 Eiendomsspar AS, Norway

2008 Høegh Eiendom AS, Norway

2007 Bærum municipality, Norway

2007 Intercultural Museum, Oslo


2014 10 year grant from the Norwegian state

2012 2014 Art council, The First Supper Symposium

2012 2014 Free speech fund, The First Supper Symposium

2012-06 Arts council exhibition support

2012 -11-10-06-99-98-95- Norweagian artist association, project support


2011-05-03 Ingrid Lindback Langaard foundation

2011 The Scandinavian American Foundation

2006-03-02-01-98-95-94 Visual artists grant

2005-03 Art Council Norway, Project Grant

2004 Project support Norwegian Public construction

2001-97-95 The Netherlands Embassy

2003-1998-96 City of Oslo arts and culture grant

2000 Sound and cassette fund

1999 Bærum municipality arts council -Eventen

1999 Bærum municipality arts council – Looking Glass

1993 Norwegian Film Institute

1993 Stroom –The Hague Netherlands project support

1988 A.C. Houens legate 1981 New Avant-Guard Rock Event S.U.N.Y. NY


2006 American Academy in Rome, visiting artist

2005 Circolo Scandinavian, studio program, Rome

1993 Travel Stipend, The Hague


2012-2014 First Supper Symposium Chairwoman of the board

2006-05 Project manager for Arnold Dreyblatt, KORO

1993-94 UKS/ young artist association board member

Member of Norwegian sculptor Association (NBF), Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK)